Microblading F.A.Q.

I will use anesthetics to numb you as much as possible. You may feel a bit of pressure. The numbing agents won’t numb you completely but will take the “bite” out of the procedure.

Sometimes, but only a very small amount. Those who are on blood-thinning medications should avoid microblading!

Expect the initial procedure to take anywhere from 3-4 hours

There’s no official answer. The results depend on several factors including medications, sun exposure, aftercare treatment and genetics. Microbladed hair strokes usually won’t fade evenly. Most people will experience gradual, uneven fading that can last up to 18 months.

First we are going to talk about what you love and don’t love about your eyebrows. I will spend an hour or more charting, measuring and drawing out your new eyebrows. Once the design is laid out  you will help me adjust them as needed. A numbing agent will be applied and the procedure will begin once you have approved the design.

In order to achieve the best results its important for me to see how your eyebrows look once they have healed. Sometimes your body will metabolize the pigment quickly and need a little touchup, sometimes you’ll just want another layer of hair strokes for depth.

I recommend an annual color boost touchup. Your body will metabolize the pigment and eventually they will fade. Your annual color boost appointment will keep your brows fresh and vibrant. Clients who book within 12 months of their initial procedure will receive a discount on their color boost service. After 12 months its considered a full service appointment.

Because of my experience in makeup development, I really care about cosmetic ingredients. I spend a lot of time testing the latest in microblading technology and usually custom mix every client’s brow pigment. I use Tina Davie’s ,  Brow Daddy  & Perma Blend  products because they have shown me the safest and prettiest results. All pigments are mineral based. If you have metal allergies, you should avoid microblading!

An allergic reaction is extremely rare. However, if you are concerned please let me know during your consultation and we will preform a patch test. If you need ingredient list, please get in touch.

You’re going to love your new eyebrows. I take every measure to ensure that you are part of the eyebrow design process and will only proceed when you approve.